About Tina Jemison

It's not too surprising when you love gardening the way Tina does, that your life path leads from a featured role on the Capitola garden tour circuit, through a horticulture degree from the respected program at Cabrillo College in Aptos (1987,) to becoming a fully licensed and bonded California Landscape Contractor (1990, CL # 605028.) After many years of successfully running a construction crew, designing and installing numerous Santa Cruz County gardens, she is now able to focus her full attention on garden design.

Designer with environmental consultant ostrich Tina attempts to discover the personal and lifestyle choices to which the client responds, in order to guide the design toward an attainable vision that is truly their own, rather than insisting that her client’s ideas fit within the confines of any pre-conceived garden style. Here is where her vast experience in construction and gardening come in. Through her own personal victories and defeats, she is able to avoid impractical choices that can result in excessive installation costs or perpetual maintenance burdens.

Committed to creating exceptional designs inspired by the most beautiful gardens the world has to offer, Tina retains an eclectic approach that leverages the design desires of her clients. A committed environmentalist, Tina's design palette balances native and ornamental plants. Tina believes that careful plant selection and soil enrichment, rather than herbicides, provides a way to encourage the development of bird and butterfly communities that add so much to the joy of outdoor living.