It starts with your wishes. Your landscape design will serve as the road map to creating your personal paradise. From our first meeting, we begin to discover what "personal paradise" means to you.

Preliminary Sketch Hardcopy We consider how your new outdoor spaces will support your priorities, personal styles, and lifestyle choices. Then, working with example images, sketches and suggestions, and considering your budget situation, we arrive at a concept for the design.

Of course, you are not limited by your imagination alone - we will usually suggest solutions and possibilities that you might never have imagined.

Getting There

Whether you are seeking a quiet sanctuary, adding comfortable entertainment spaces, or creating a neighborhood showpiece, an exciting adventure awaits you as the conceptual design is refined to a finished plan.

Concept Sketch Hardcopy As your landscape plan develops, we review design details with you as often as necessary. Frequently this can be accomplished through e-mail and e-file exchange (Adobe PDF).

Working from computerized site plans makes for the most efficient design process. However, if follow-on site visits are needed, we will schedule convenient times with you.

At Your Own Pace

Acheiving your dream landscape need not be something you accomplish all at once. For more modest budgets, we can show you how to phase the development so that you attain your dream over time, at a pace that is comfortable for you, but without an unfinished appearance as you progress.

Paradise Found

With your final plan in hand, we will work with you to complete the local city-required submittal and approval process. Finally, you can select the construction contractor of your choice, and we can usually recommend one or more qualified installers in your area.

During the construction phase, we can provide ongoing design support, if requested. Completed Project Sometimes clarifications or changes are needed, and our goal is always to ensure that you get the landscape that fits your wishes.

As your new environment takes shape around you, anticipation builds as you plan for new experiences and enjoyment with friends and family. Soon it is finished, and you are able to absorb and admire the vision we have acheived together.